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Thu Jul 2 16:27:07 UTC 2015

This is an excellent signing. Project his numbers out to starters
minutes and he's one of the best players on our team. Very efficient.
Not many weaknesses. And considering we needed to overpay to get to
the cap, so we didn't lose all the trade capital Danny had built, and
the contract is a value. Hasn't anyone seen Toronto the last couple
years? Jeez.

> On Jul 2, 2015, at 9:10 AM, Alex Goldblatt via celtics <celtics at> wrote:
> Thanks Roger, no objection here - agree with your point. But....
> My honest believe is that this team, being that young, needs solid floor
> and locker room characters: we have no true leader emerged yet. I even
> don't think we have official team captain yet! In this sense, you always
> need a glue - and actually it might be a missing ingredient today. Let's
> think about it for a second:
> 1. IT is the floor leader today. Unfortunately not vocal enough, and it
> looked like he still was uncomfortable taking the lead beyond scoring.
> 2. Turner wants to become one - but simply does not fit. He does not have
> what it takes.
> 3. Sully can be the one, but not mature enough - and still fighting his own
> demons
> 4. Smart definitely has what it takes, but lacks confidence as any other
> rookie. Maybe next year??...
> 5. BS is a true leader of the pack, but he never faced dealing with star
> players yet. I, for one, is happy that Paul P did not return - could be a
> disaster...
> That's all we have at the moment... And I'm not trying to imply that AJ
> will be the one, but he will help someone to emerge, IMO.
> Just a brain dump... :)
> AG
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 7:56 PM, Belanger, Roger via celtics <
> celtics at> wrote:
>> Hi Alex, from where i sit, glue is only good when you have something worth
>> holding together :-) respectfully, Roger
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>>> On Jul 1, 2015, at 7:45 PM, joshr via celtics <celtics at> wrote:
>>> I have been watching AJ for years with the Raptors and I am thrilled to
>> get him. He is a real glue-guy, he does all the little things that win
>> games. His screens are mountainous. He was the one guy that the Raptors
>> couldn’t afford to be without - when he was injured they weren’t the same
>> team. He is a quiet leader, a pro’s pro, just who you want in the locker
>> room with a bunch of kids. Welcome aboard AJ!!!
>>>> On Jul 1, 2015, at 2:15 PM, Alex Goldblatt via celtics <
>> celtics at> wrote:
>>>> Here is my take: I do like it.
>>>> 1. Huge upgrade over Bass, terrific post and perimeter defender. Solid
>>>> rebounder .
>>>> 2. Reasonable contract: obviously overpaid for 2 yrs only. Just to
>> remind:
>>>> salary cap goes way up after that, and Danny will have clean sheet to do
>>>> whatever he's up to next .
>>>> 3. AJ will become a trade bait next year - can bet Danny will use it if
>>>> needed .
>>>> 4. Looks like we have no chance landing a big time player this year
>> anyway.
>>>> With AJ this team becomes automatic low seeded playoff team. Rebuild
>> phase
>>>> is closing down...
>>>> AG
>>>> On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, Peter Delevett via celtics <
>> celtics at>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> I'm bummed about this Amir Johnson signing, not just because he's
>>>>> underwhelming but because it also seems way too rich given his
>> limitations
>>>>> (Scalabrine 2, Electric Boogaloo?). But, because I'd imagine everybody
>>>>> feels that way, I thought I'd at least look on the bright side and
>> share
>>>>> this blog post on how much he added to the Craptors ... er, Raptors:
>>>>> Also, there's a lot of weird stuff out there about just how tall he is;
>>>>> some reports have him at 6'11, although I guess he's officially listed
>> at
>>>>> 6'9. I read that he's got a wingspan between 6'11 and 7'2ish, but I
>>>>> haven't  found anything definitive.
>>>>> At least it's only a 2-year deal. Sure wish we could've been in the mix
>>>>> for Monroe.
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