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I have been watching AJ for years with the Raptors and I am thrilled to get him. He is a real glue-guy, he does all the little things that win games. His screens are mountainous. He was the one guy that the Raptors couldn’t afford to be without - when he was injured they weren’t the same team. He is a quiet leader, a pro’s pro, just who you want in the locker room with a bunch of kids. Welcome aboard AJ!!!

> On Jul 1, 2015, at 2:15 PM, Alex Goldblatt via celtics <celtics at> wrote:
> Here is my take: I do like it.
> 1. Huge upgrade over Bass, terrific post and perimeter defender. Solid
> rebounder .
> 2. Reasonable contract: obviously overpaid for 2 yrs only. Just to remind:
> salary cap goes way up after that, and Danny will have clean sheet to do
> whatever he's up to next .
> 3. AJ will become a trade bait next year - can bet Danny will use it if
> needed .
> 4. Looks like we have no chance landing a big time player this year anyway.
> With AJ this team becomes automatic low seeded playoff team. Rebuild phase
> is closing down...
> AG
> On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, Peter Delevett via celtics <celtics at>
> wrote:
>> I'm bummed about this Amir Johnson signing, not just because he's
>> underwhelming but because it also seems way too rich given his limitations
>> (Scalabrine 2, Electric Boogaloo?). But, because I'd imagine everybody
>> feels that way, I thought I'd at least look on the bright side and share
>> this blog post on how much he added to the Craptors ... er, Raptors:
>> Also, there's a lot of weird stuff out there about just how tall he is;
>> some reports have him at 6'11, although I guess he's officially listed at
>> 6'9. I read that he's got a wingspan between 6'11 and 7'2ish, but I
>> haven't  found anything definitive.
>> At least it's only a 2-year deal. Sure wish we could've been in the mix
>> for Monroe.
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