Man, is this list quiet

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Ok, so basically on the 1st day of free agency on the 2015-2016 season we
have already punted and declared get ready for another mediocre team/season.
Wow, is this really what the Celtics have become?  With $$, draft picks,
great coach, this is the best we can do/expect.     Danny, Wyc and their
fireworks, etc. are simply full of shit!!!  Ray is somewhere laughing his
ass off and saying over and over I told you so!!!!!

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>TroySusieBrady <tsb33 at> wrote:
>There is no way to spin this into something good.  Johnson is
>absolutely no better than what we have, not an upgrade in any way.  Not
>a C, not a good rebounder, etc.  Look at Bass's stats last year and
>Johnson's, they are the same guys and we paid $12 million to not upgrade
our team!

The second year of both contracts is not guaranteed:

-- Eric

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