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I would only do something like that for Wallace, Bass and Hump out with an additions of a future one coming back. Or something like that. Other than that, just slowly rid the roster of many redundant parts

And oh start Pressey with Bradley along with inserting Sully into starting role. Green... What the Heck!!!

After having time to practice they lay that egg and the schedule gets worse from here... Wow! Now watch them come out and beat SA after last nite and on a back to back,  the typical MO of a young collection of parts that is not a team yet. 

Go C's and yes NJ and Hawks keep losing please.

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“Can you offer more background here egg? Is Danny happy 
with Tankapalooza and will sit on the roster as is?
- Noah

Not sure what more I can say here that hasn’t already
been said.  From the trade of KG,PP, and Doc, Danny’s 
aim has always been the same...  to tank or whatever 
he and the Celts PR staff attempt to disguise it as.

Yes, it’s difficult for Celt fans to realize just how
bad our team is, but likely the right decision for Danny,
albeit a year too late.

Personally, I resent the whole tanking crapola and wonder
why fans still keep hoping their tanking teams will still
somehow make the playoffs. Makes it a very difficult
year to even watch our teams, even if once in a while
they defeat a really good team only to stimulate their fans
to keep buying tickets.

A few other comments:

Bradley - has not recorded one assist in his last five
games, not one.  And since when did he become our 
or any NBA’s team premier offensive weapon. Geesh. 
All part of Danny’s plan.  No way will Bradley be on 
our team next season. 

Green - continues to display his bi-polar condition on
the floor. How many quarters did he recently go without recording
one basket? Without looking it up, I think it was something
like 7. He is completely overrated since he cannot exist 
unless the entire team and coaching staff attempts to
change their game plan and feed him and his psyche the ball 
for his stats. What an overpaid, Danny mistake loser.
So much talent but what a jerk who will never be 
able to bring it on a consistent basis.

Stevens - full control of the team, right? NOT!
He has no clue as to how to handle our roster.
And our players realize that.
So many confused Danny directives to Brad that I hear 
he now wishes he had never left college coaching.

A few examples:

Tank but win occasionally to support the ticket

Play the guys we want to trade but also make sure you 
give minutes to and improve the play of our young studs. 

Since you know Humphries is a jerk, don’t play him.
But how can we trade him if he never plays?

Crawford - since you know Crawford is a jerk you must
keep him as your starter until I (Danny) decide we 
have lost enough games to afford Rondo’s return.

Instead of Stevens still looking 13 at the end of this season,
he will age to about 58 yrs. old (the same amount of games 
we lose).

PS- According to what I hear, Danny has Wiggins as his #3
pick after Parker and Randle.  Obviously all can change
between now and the draft.

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