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eggcentric at eggcentric at
Tue Nov 19 20:36:51 UTC 2013

Are you actually saying that Ainge should trade
Wallace, Bass, and Lee for the over-the-hill
Stoudemire (able to play just 10 mpg this year with the Knicks)
including his $21.6 contract for this year and $23.5 
contract for next year?

And you would do that deal without even receiving a draft pick?
Hopefully I misread your post, since I have always appreciated
your smarts and contributions.  But I just can’t understand 
your latest post.

I Would honestly prefer Bass (Steven’s favorite defensive player).
to your locker room cancer, Stoudy. 

And I would have also preferred Asik and Lin over receiving only 
grandpa Stoudemire.  What a horrible trade that would be for us.

"Who Says You Can't Go Home Again" - Peter

Geesh, for sure I can’t after your post 
if you consider the IGTC list our home.

Can we please stop suggesting these foolish trades?
Danny isn’t going to do one damn thing to improve
our dysfunctional roster and record, but Stoudy would
for sure make our team worse.  So who knows, maybe
you are on to something.  What a fiasco - and yet the
loyal fans keep attending the games and hoping 
for a miracle. 



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