Noah Evans noah.evans at
Fri Nov 15 20:12:15 UTC 2013

>From what I've seen it's Harden playing politics. What's funny is this has
to end the same way Harden's stint in OKC did, with the super talented
backup being traded and the trading team getting pilloried. That said after
what I've seen of Harden this season, he makes Kobe look like Magic
personality-wise. What a jerk. Watch him from the bench when Lin had the
two 30+ point games.


On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Peter Delevett <pdelevett at> wrote:

> What am I not getting about the situation in Houston? They're paying Lin a
> boatload but he's lost his starting job. Which would be fine, except that
> statistically, he's far superior to Beverley in almost every category. Lin
> may not be a real point guard, but does their offense really work that much
> better with Beverly in there bricking it up? Haven't seen any of their
> games, which is why I'm asking.
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