The Season So Far

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Yeah Pierce & KG are suffering, Danny is looking like a genius having robbed brookkyn.  I think we got a first, not sure it is 2014

 Who would of thought Crawford would produce at point like he has..

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Subject: The Season So Far 

Observations and irrational personal reactions to the season so far...

1.  I can't help rooting against the Clippers.  I never cared about them one way or another before.  But for some reason, this season, I just want them to fail.

2.  It's sad to see how poorly the Nets are doing.  Ainge should have kept Pierce and Garnnet and had them finish their careers this season in Boston.  It's sad to see them, playing out their last games, so ineffectively, for the Nets.  Ironically, the way the season has gone so far, keeping Pierce and Garnet would have been a better tanking strategy (see below).

3,  Brad Stevens is a !@#$%^&*() coaching genius.  The obvious flaws in the C's roster have been well chronicled; this is a team that is literally built to tank.  But, somehow, the coach has figured out how to turn them into a respectable team.  At this rate, a top 5 pick is totally out of the picture.  Could Brad Stevens be the first coach fired because his team is playing too well?  (just kidding)  Ainge needs to make a ridiculous trade and destroy this team chemistry before they end up making the playoffs!

Question - did the C's get a 1st round pick from the Nets in the Pierce-Garnett deal?


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