Off topic but still basketball

Jaims jaims at
Thu Nov 14 14:01:48 UTC 2013

Anybody watched the game between Kansas and Duke? 

I saw why it's a big deal to get the top 2 'prizes' in next years draft. Simply put, Wiggins and Parker are the real deals!

Wiggins is so quick and smooth, his offense looked effortless and so efficient. 

Parker is a combination of Pierce and Grant Hill in one! While he hasnt got the athleticsm of Wiggins, he's such a natural and smooth scorer. He'll torch you from anywhere. Unlimited shooting range and can bang inside due to his 6'8 235lbs frame. He's the complete and most polished college baller coming out for sure. 

Also got to watch, julius randle (kentucky) vs michigan st.
Man, randle's definition of brute strength with smoothness. One play showed him goin after a loose rebound and 4 of the opponents all tangled up with him and still he got the loose ball. I see a mcdyess/worthy type of player in him. 

No wonder Aing salivates on either the top 3 picks. I am not surprised anymore. 

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