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gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at
Tue Nov 12 03:11:27 UTC 2013

Nice to see basketball being played.  Worth the $ for the nba package already.  Also, nice to achieve this level of teamwork and hustle before we hit a series of teams like the Pacers and Nets.  The guards delivered 59 points tonight.  I think we are seeing Bradley at his best--get a Rondo sized contract ready.  I seriously do not know what position we need the most now.  Shotblocker?  Wing?  This feels like our old 30 something noontime pickup games against younger studs--the old BB players somehow won.  Many of you have been there.  Nice ride so far; I did not expect to win this one.  Lee and Crawford under control and producing.  Gene<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad</a>

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