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Tue Nov 12 00:48:50 UTC 2013

As a UK fan, I posted a few weeks ago how impressive Julius Randle is.
After 3 exhibition games and 2 regular games, he has done nothing but
solidify my belief that he is a stud/beast!!  We will see Wiggins and Parker
tomorrow but if there is a better prospect than Randle I would love to see
him!  Troy


1. Which prospect is the most NBA-ready right now?


randle> Julius Randle. Physically, he could step on the court right now and
not embarrass himself. He's a man, and he can do one thing at a high level:
rebound the ball. He's also got a clear, defined position at power forward.
Randle best matches production and potential out of this class.

dermott> Doug McDermott. While Creighton's McDermott will always be
physically limited, he's got an NBA skill in terms of shooting ability, and
he impressed pros with his performance during last summer's USA Basketball
minicamp. He could be in an NBA rotation right now.

Ford: Julius Randle. Blessed with elite athletic abilities, an NBA body and
a sophisticated inside-outside game, Randle doesn't have many weaknesses.
When you factor in how hard he plays, it's hard to see him not being
dominant right out of the gate in the NBA.

Bilas: Julius Randle. The big, skilled and athletic lefty is primed to not
only be the best prospect in the country, but perhaps the best player in the
country. Randle can play inside and out, and no other player is as skilled
and as physically imposing. With two dribbles or fewer, Randle is nearly
unstoppable. He's the real deal.

parker> Jabari Parker. He's as skilled as anyone in the draft and has one of
the highest basketball IQs to boot. His body needs to tone up, and he's a
bit of a "tweener," but I'd be most comfortable putting him into an NBA game
right now.


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