Nostradamos retires

gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at
Mon Nov 11 02:10:35 UTC 2013

He really is over-rated, anyway.  To win 3 of those 5 is great.  It will really be a treat to see how this team continues to grow.  Four or five are playing at a high level, with Bradley excelling all-around--being at #2 makes a huge difference, and he can shoot-- what a fourth quarter.  I'm guessing that Oly at center is transitional, but he has instincts that make him viable in the paint.  It seems the team is unaware of the score and just keeps plugging.  The heat played a very good fourth quarter, and we equalled it.  Even Lee is showing well.  Thrilling ending.  Gene<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad</a>

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