Lottery be damned, I'll take a win like that

Eric Albert Eric at
Sun Nov 10 21:45:12 UTC 2013

Hey, I love this post. Helps me understand how you think.

I guess I'm more willing to embrace mediocrity, because I think it's important to build a winning attitude. Plus, I'm dubious about the lottery: sure, you can (maybe!) get a star, but, by the time they can help you win a championship, years have passed, and they've probably moved to another team.

I prefer Danny's approach of increasing the value of current players, then trading them (and picks) for established players who can help you win now. To me, that's having your cake (watching a team compete its heart out) and eating it too (winning the occasional championship). I hated watching that M. L. Carr team, and I still think it destroyed Antoine Walker's career.

On the other hand, I think I *do* overvalue current Celtics players, because the Celtics are all I watch. I don't think I've ever seen a college basketball game. I couldn't have told you one thing about Gerald Wallace before we traded for him.

So, when you say that players on other teams are better than ours, I expect you're right -- you seem to follow just about everyone. Doesn't affect my pleasure in watching, though.

I'm glad you like Stevens too.

-- Eric

>Way Of The Ray <wayoftheray at> wrote:
>I predict the Heat will take the games a bit more serious
>after that debacle for them.
>I just can't embrace mediocrity, and I don't think Ainge wants it either,
>so I'm happy the tradeables: Bass/Bradley/Green are playing well these
>days and the formerly untradeables: Crawford and Lee are resurrecting 
>their value.
>I expect Ainge to stay the Lottery path course: He wants Parker. So,
>there's going to be lots of player movement upcoming.
>But, a very fine coaching oeuvre by Stevens. He's a good one for sure,
>and seems to get the best out of his players, once they are correctly used
>at the right positions, i.e. Bradley = SG; Crawford = PG; Pressey = Backup PG...
>and so on.

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