Coach Stevens: the bad and the good

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Sun Nov 10 20:03:44 UTC 2013

You can actually recollect all comments by Tommy for all this years , as
well as winning streak after loosing Rondo last season...

I guess it Cecile's much more evident why BS was brought in, the only
amazing thing to me was Danny's impeccable judgment on this kid. And - for
the record - I'm truly happy not having Doc around anymore...

Things I personally learned over this week: BS actually MEANS when talking
about importance of process... I am a convicted fool after my last post
here - was made out of my frustration with rotation. Looks like we should
not expect things settled down for a while, so I guess will just have to
get used to all good, bad, and ugly coming with it .

I expected a bumpy ride - I did not expect that much fun though... :)


On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Eric Albert wrote:

> The bad:
> He's not one third the interview that Doc Rivers was, and probably never
> will be.
> "You do know that 'Brad' is just a nickname" kind of lies there, killing
> one of my favorite running jokes.
> His "Wallace just made a spectacular pass to Green for a fadeaway three
> over Lebron to win the game but it's just another day at the office"
> demeanor verges on the creepy.
> On the other hand:
> He's clearly shredded the tanking memo.
> He's not superstitious. He wins two games with Vitor starting, then
> switches to his rookie center against the Heat. I don't know another NBA
> coach (most certainly including Doc) who would dare that.
> Speaking of which: he plays the rookies. A lot. There's no "You've got to
> prove it in practice for two years, Kendrick Perkins" nonsense.
> He sees what's happening and fixes it, stat. We watched the
> Avery-as-point-guard experiment fail for much of last year. It took Brad
> four games to move Bradley back to the 2 and go with Jordan Crawford as his
> starting point (Jordan Crawford???), with a midget rookie at backup. The
> result? Avery puts in 17 points with ZERO turnovers, and spends the fourth
> quarter calmly draining jumpers under duress.
> After years of us fans hearing about "the running game," he's actually got
> the team playing with pace through the *whole* 48. When's the last time the
> C's scored 31 fourth-quarter points in a close game?
> I think I'm going to enjoy the Brad Stevens Era.
> -- Eric
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