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I noticed that too, even though his numbers ended up fairly comparable to his earlier game. Didn't he basically not play in the second half against Memphis?

You gotta figure this guy won't continue to surpass everyone's expectations -- remember Stiemsma's Celtics debut, or Krstic's? Opponents get wise or, perhaps more likely, coaches try to push a guy into a role that doesn't necessarily fit his strengths, and he starts to doubt himself.

That said, it's way to early to conclude Fav's in Stevens' doghouse, based on what Stevens said about him last night and on how wildly unpredictable his rotations have been. 

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What's up with Vitor getting so few minutes? He seemed much more tentative in the Memphis game as well. 


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I hope BS will stick for now with the Crawford/Bradley/Pressey guard rotation - at least see if it continues to produce. I also think Crash off the bench makes a lot of sense as long as Wallace is willing to suck it up. 
>Given how poorly and tentatively Lee has played, and considering our frontcourt logjam, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lee languish at least until Rondo's back and the natural backcourt order is restored. For the nonce, I see our best rotation shaking out this way:
>PG: Bradley, Pressey
>SG: Crawford, (Green)
>SF: Green, Wallace
>PF: Bass, Sully, KO
>C:   Fav, (Sully/KO)
>That's an eight or nine-man rotation, with Humphries added to the mix when we need situational muscle. Assuming Danny at some point will be able to move Bass/Hump/Lee/Crawford to a contender for a pick and expiring deal, and assuming Rondo returns healthy after Thanksgiving, the team should at least become more balanced as the season progresses.
>All that said, based on the way we've blown some of our games with questionable coaching calls, I do think maybe I was wrong that Stevens isn't trying to tank.  
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