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I wouldn't worry about Faverani,  I think he's already the best active player on the team (more confident 1st option halfcourt scorer than Green(no hesitations),  plays position help D like Laimbeer to pound people, excellent coordination/shotblock timing like Rasheed,   has vet poise like a Ray Allen/PJ Brown).
Getting this 25yr old is like getting a lottery pick last year for free.    Fab Melo can play for 10 more years and not have the  IQ / effectivess of Vitor.

As for Bass.  It's good that Steven's puts in plays for him & the frontcourt guys to crash oboards with two hands after shots go up,  because he's now looking like an average NBA PF rebounder ,  instead of a soft leaper who had low effort hand horrible hands on rebounds (he used to not block out & just  just tipped with one hand  always losing the board, to better PF's),  so his trade value is fairly high this year.

It's kind of funny that Stevens is putting out rotations similar to a college team,  where the vets w/ the most games under their belts (the seniors  Avery,Green,Wallace,Bass,Fave),   get the starts,  while some longterm keepers w/ upside (Sully/Oly)  ,  get their chance next year.

Also green is the biggest SG I can ever remember seeing in the NBA 6'9.5" with shoes, 38" vertical (back in his draft combine).   Even Penny wasn't this big.
It's hurting his halfcourt iso-driving game (because doc played Green A LOT at PF so he could blow past bigs after Iso's),   but I think he's doing ok as an SG.   It says a lot about how Stevens doesn't think much about our other SG's games (when we're stocked at that position with fairly talented vets  Lee, Crawford,  Brooks ).

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... And what heck happened to Fav??

As to Bass - just trade him ASAP , before his value will go to 0... No place for him on this team...


On Thursday, November 7, 2013, gene kirkpatrick wrote:

> Peter, I think the list tends to sleep in, tho' I know some are still 
> working stiffs.  It looks like an effective bench when Oly, Sully, and 
> Crash are involved.  Throw in Pressey and things keep moving.  Utah 
> impressed with its front line, but beyond Hayward they drop off fast.  
> I'm thinking that Bass' performance shows the most improvement.  He's 
> getting to the rim much more effectively and defensing down low better 
> than before.  A PF who can defend and hit in the 15 point range is not 
> that common.  Getting points out of both Sully and Oly is quite a 
> bonus.  Best defensive improvement, however, goes to Oly, whose 
> intensity is compelling.  We have another good chance Friday against 
> an improving Magic crew.  It will be interesting to see if Bradley takes on Olapidido odo.
> I have to think that Stevens knew Crawford was a better fit at point 
> with Bradley at the two; he just wanted Wallace and Green to start.  
> Hope last night's starters continue.  Fav should bounce back a bit, I 
> think, and regain more pt.
> Gene
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