For The Celtics, Gordon Hayward Is A Max Player Or Worthy Of A Rondo Trade

Way Of The Ray wayoftheray at
Thu Nov 7 17:55:23 UTC 2013

For another team, he's not  a Max type player, but the Celtics, they basically need to
sign him to a Max contract, and the reasons are several.

For the Celtics, he is worth the Max. He fills a great need, he wants to be with Stevens,
he's one of the few free agents who will sign with the Celtics, he understands and fits into
Steven's system, and he can become a better defensive player with the Celtics.

And you  have to pay him the Max to extricate him from  the Jazz, and perhaps even frontload
or backload the contract, much like  Houston did with Asik.

Or you have to deal Rondo for him. The Jazz could be interested in a Rondo - Green - Bradley
trade for Hayward, Burks and Burke. The Jazz make  a strong playoff push for next season and the Celtics add young talent.

Whatever the case, it's either the Max or  a big Rondo deal for Hayward, he is not
being acquired for the uber-mercurial Jeff Green as some deluded Celtics fans have suggested...


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