c'mon folks

gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 14:15:00 UTC 2013

Peter, I think the list tends to sleep in, tho' I know some are still working stiffs.  It looks like an effective bench when Oly, Sully, and Crash are involved.  Throw in Pressey and things keep moving.  Utah impressed with its front line, but beyond Hayward they drop off fast.  I'm thinking that Bass' performance shows the most improvement.  He's getting to the rim much more effectively and defensing down low better than before.  A PF who can defend and hit in the 15 point range is not that common.  Getting points out of both Sully and Oly is quite a bonus.  Best defensive improvement, however, goes to Oly, whose intensity is compelling.  We have another good chance Friday against an improving Magic crew.  It will be interesting to see if Bradley takes on Olapidido odo.  
I have to think that Stevens knew Crawford was a better fit at point with Bradley at the two; he just wanted Wallace and Green to start.  Hope last night's starters continue.  Fav should bounce back a bit, I think, and regain more pt.

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