Celtics to win 4 of next 5 (unlikely to beat the heat)

gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 17:29:37 UTC 2013

Facing a growing coalition of unbelievers in the press corps, NBA commentators, and among the fans in the stands and in the blogosphere, the Celtics are poised to run for a string of impressive victories against teams high and low (albeit all higher than the Celtics themselves).   The secret to this string of victories will be none other than the nearly forgotten Pressey, dusted off and reclaimed from the end of the bench.  By restoring Bradley to his rightful position and pushing Wallace to the bench, the Celtics will cut down on turnovers and achieve a higher shooting percentage, all the while restoring their lost sense of a fast break offense.  The bigs, while enjoying stellar performances one at a time, will come together to form a unit that rebounds with fervor and multiplies points in the paint.  Their coach will strain to control his approval of the streak.
Found in the lost clippings of Nostradamus, Round Balls and Referees, c. 1560.

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