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My question is why isnt Pressy being given burn time, even as a rookie he cant be worse in the turnover dept than Bradley playing point but he would at least initiate and run offensive sets in proper speed and flow. Bradley then slides to the two, let Lee &r Crawford backup Pressy and Bradley. Force feed a primary 3 man front court rotation of Fav, Sully, KO and play Bass if only trying to trade him; slide Wallace or Green to PF on small ball. It would be young but at least they can grow into Stevens way of playing while beeing beaten like a drum.

Green in the dog house already? wow

On Monday, November 4, 2013 8:04 AM, "Berry, Mark" <Mark.Berry at Fahlgren.com> wrote:
It's going to be a long, hard season. A few things:

--- I'm not sure who I want to be gone first ... Bass, Green, Lee, Crawford or Wallace.

--- I'm not sure either Bass or Green can play for Brad Stevens. Every time the ball sticks in their hands or they blow a defensive rotation, Stevens dies a little on the inside. Green was especially oblivious last night. I was afraid this might be the case pretty much from the day Stevens was hired, and it's playing out as I expected. Green can do some things when pointed in the right direction and given enough of a push. When he has to react and think on his feet and make quick decisions? Not so much. Bass isn't nearly as bad in that regard, but he is the leading ball-stopper right now.

--- You can't win with this backcourt. You just can't. The turnovers, the quick shots, the total lack of awareness of the rollers/poppers coming off screens. And some want to trade Rajon Rondo? Are you kidding me? He's my only hope for this actually looking like an NBA-quality basketball team at some point.

--- On the positive side, it was nice to see Olynyk have a little breakout last night. Through halftime, I was beginning to get concerned. He still desperately needs to get stronger and just fight harder for rebounds, but he's doing a nice job offensively and I thought he played excellent defense last night. He and Faverani are nice pieces of a post rotation. We have seen that Sully can be, although he's struggling right now and probably still rounding into shape. So at least we have three serviceable NBA players.

--- We all love Bradley's defense, but wow has he been bad at the other end. The turnovers last night were back-breakers.

--- It's a ridiculously small sample right now, but the Celts have been pretty solid defensively - top 10ish in points and field goal percentage against and right at the top of the league in defending the three. That's a testament to Stevens, because outside of Bradley and Wallace this team doesn't have a single plus defender. And, other than Faverani, no rim protection. They're getting it done with pretty good rotations and recognizing who is dangerous at the three-point line. And also against three pretty mediocre offensive teams.

--- On the other hand, the Celts are atrocious offensively. PPG and three-point percentages are at the bottom of the league. FG percentage is middle of the pack. Turnovers and turnover percentage are league-worst. Rebounding continues to be lousy. Tough to win with all that. But look at the personnel - it's a miracle they ever score. No shooters, no drivers, no post-up players.

I will continue to watch and enjoy the development of Olynyk, Sullinger, Faverani and, I hope, Bradley. I also will be watching a lot of Duke, Kentucky and Kansas basketball.


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