Game 3

gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at
Mon Nov 4 04:05:35 UTC 2013

I am not worried about no Green in crunch time.  He will have to show more to earn it.  I am concerned about how terrible Bradley is at point.  If we drafted a shooter who was good at defense, would Bradley be worth keeping?  His defense may be great, but he is so limited as a shooter.  At least, Olynyk is getting comfortable.  I liked Brooks for limited minutes, but did not notice his defense.  And where are Pressey and Humph?  I am all for experimenting, tho.  We are interested in Marshall?  He would be worth having cheap, but behind Rondo and Pressey?  Crawford may be enough for that.  Still, it is hard for our bigs, especially, to get good looks without a point guard.  Gene<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad</a>

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