The Celtics Just Out-Tanked The Bucks

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Well, that's the reality Bob. That's the NBA in the Stern age. That's why, although the good national ratings get a lot of publicity, the NBA is routinely trounced in local cable ratings. 

In all the markets the NBA, NHL and MLB compete directly, there's only been one market in which the NBA wins the local ratings competition. It used to be the Lakers, but the Dodgers and Kings have begun taking over the market. Now it's the Heat, although their local ratings can be classified as a disappointment since they have the current IT athlete. Surprisingly, it's the MLB that usually wins the local ratings battles (I know -- surprisingly flies in the face of conventional wisdom). 

On the other hand, annually about 20 of the lowest 30 rated NBA-MLB-NHL teams are NBA teams. That's because, if you don't have a superstar or you aren't from a top market, you don't matter in the NBA and have no chance to win a championship. Therefore, your fans don't care about you. Therefore, you have to tank in an attempt to gain a superstar and attain relevancy. 

That said, I agree with Noah that this team has been enjoyable to watch and will keep watching. But our type of fan is not the foundation of the leagues marketing strategy. 


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> Assuming that is true it makes watching and being interested in the NBA a large time waster.  I may be old school but I can’t see why I should have any motivation to tune in my favorite team on a regular basis only to know they are deliberately playing to lose as many games as they can?  I can’t think of too many things that would be a bigger waste of time than watching that.  As I said, if I ever get the impression the Celtics are doing that I am done with them.  If the NBA is as you describe in your post it would be a good thing to be done with it as well.  
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> If tanking is the best move for the long-term success of the franchise, of course it's the smart move. Moaning that they should scrap and claw to win games only to hurt the team long term is just sanctimonious drivel (sorry Bob).  
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