Vitor Flavor Flav Is Single-Handedly Destroying The Celtics Tank

Way Of The Ray wayoftheray at
Sat Nov 2 01:23:12 UTC 2013

Trade him, Ainge, trade him, before it's too late!

Well, what can you say, other than someone should have named him Victor!
But, if you  think Ainge and the Celtics had a clue he was going to be this
good, you are fooling yourselves, or they would have signed him to a slightly
more impressive contract. 

He simply may be one of the foreign players whose skills are better suited
to the NBA game, because very few unheralded Euro Big Men make such
a dramatic impression.

But, hmmm, wow, he's annihilating the the much esteemed Larry Sanders,
who's been demolishing the Celtics as of recent times.


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