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Alex Goldblatt alex.goldblatt at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 00:17:34 UTC 2012

Excellent points - hard to disagree.

Problem is that Sully will have to match up physical 5 on the NBA LEVEL -
which is something he has no experience with, nor the size. Do I want him
to start? Heck, YES. Can he put his body against beasts lik DHoward or
Bynum? No - it takes years to develop.

But, watching Darko being fat and out of shape (even worse than me....)
keeps me wondering how it will play out overall. Will be some fun season to
watch unfolding to say the least.

Right now it looks like Sully will be the first off the bench, with KG and
Bass starting - but with Darko getting into playing shape it might change
 rotation dramatically.


On Friday, September 28, 2012, Josh Rice wrote:

> On 2012-09-27, at 8:34 PM, AG wrote:
> > Bass is undersized and being pushed around in the paint way too easy. He
> is
> > well suited for playing smaller lineup - depending on matchup. But
> overall,
> > he's a backup 4.
> >
> Bingo.
> > With Darko, Wilcox, Collins, Sully, Melo (future) - it simply does not
> make
> > sense to keep KG at the 5. He'll stay healthier by being moved to his
> > natural 4 spot.
> This I disagree with. History shows many examples of having the skills at
> the 5 and using the 4 to provide the physical element (Kareem/Rambis,
> Walton/Lucas, Cowens/Silas, Ewing/Oakley, lots more). KG is brilliant at
> the 5 but has to have a physical 4 to protect his health.
> > I'm 90% positive we'll see different lineup for the season.
> > If Darko can play the same 20-25 mpg like Perk? Heck, yeah - nobody
> expect
> > him to average double-double. Will he start? Who knows, but I think he's
> > got better than average chance - if will be able to put his crap
> together.
> >
> > Otherwise Sully or Wilcox will fill up the void.
> >
> > AG
> The key here is immovability. Perk and Baby both had it - nobody pushed
> them off their spots, this is why Perk was so valuable - but without them
> KG had to play physical which is a waste of his energy. Immovability is the
> one quality that Sully brings in spades. He moves people around at will.
> Even if his stats are rotten while he learns and builds his game, his
> physicality will make KG more effective.
> I don't see Wilcox as being able to fill this role. If Sully doesn't work
> out we may be looking at Darko/Collins at the 5 and KG back to 4. I am
> pulling for Sully.
> joshr
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