We are addicted to sports

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Egg, great post
Agree, especially the part about the sox seats...truly monster.
Go C's

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We all know the NBA games lost a good chunk of the early part of last season due
to a labor dispute.  And then when the league finally solved the contract disputes, 
the contracts/math/future got worse and worse.  What really got better?
Still we forgave them and kept buying tickets last year and will again this year.
We are addicted to sports.

The NHL (Bruins) is again on strike but when and if they start playing again 
we will forgive them and likely buy tickets to their games.
We are addicted to sports.

The NFL owners are prepared to digest every weekly complaint about the sub refs because
they realize the viewing public will just keep watching and enjoying the sport no
matter who the refs are.  And we will forgive them and keep enjoying the games.
We are addicted to sports.

The Red Sox produced one of the worst records in MLB this year. But we will forgive them
and keep paying $250 for a seat in the ridiculous hyped Monster Seats (great name)
which have about the same view from as far as my old $30 bleacher seats.  Yet we all stand still 
and take whatever our favorite Boston team feeds us. 
We are addicted to sports.

Can you spell "greedy" and "sucker fans"?

Last thoughts.  Just read that some featured poster on Jeff Clark's fraudulent 
CeltsBlog, wrote a column that Bass is worth more than Josh Smith (never considering 
the contract/cap differences).  Right, Atlanta will trade Josh smith for Bass.
What next?  Who the heck is allowing this crap on these websites?

The web is certainly a mixed blessing.  Some good stuff, but much more erroneous stuff.
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