I Wouldn't Be Surprised....

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You might think that given Doc's record with rookies.

The problem is that Bass and KG in the front court isn't an ideal combination. With KG playing center, opposing teams tend to guard him with their biggest player, putting their smaller big on Bass. Wouldn't it be nice if Bass could actually make them pay for putting the smaller guy on him? Well, he can't because he's short and has no post game; he's basically a 15 foot shooter...so other teams put their smaller, more athletic big on Bass, challenge him out to 15 feet, and then put their bruiser on KG and force him out of the paint and onto the perimeter...what results is a jumpshot-heavy offense, one built on being efficient shooting long 2s, a shot which is about the least efficient shot in the game.

Starting Sullinger next to KG gives us a more balanced inside/outside threat, solidifies the rebounding situation, and gives the opposing team a dilemma on defense. They can put their more athletic, less beefy frontcourt player on Sully...and Sully will just bully them in the post, get offensive rebounds, and basically play his game. If the other team switches it up and guards Sully with their center...well then KG can get post position all day long and be shooting 5 foot jumpers in the lane while Sully does the dirty work on the weakside.

Doc himself made mention today of his desire to get KG and Sully on the court together and make opposing teams pick their poison. Sure, Sully will have to get the defense under his belt, but it's my belief that the secret plan all along has been to start Sully and KG together...assuming of course that Sully puts in the requisite work to earn the starting spot away from Bass. It might not happen by opening night, but you better believe Doc has an eye towards putting Sully in the starting lineup when he and the team are ready.


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A rookie...starting under Doc?


He'll be a rotation player for sure, but starting - with his still
developing (currently poor based on summer league) defense? Doubt it.


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I'd be surprised if that's how it shakes out. 

More like this, if I'm guestimating:

Starters: Rondo/Lee/Pierce/Sullinger/KG

Rotation Players: JET, Bass, Green, Wilcox

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With Bradley out for a while, I wouldn't be surprised to see the following
rotationto start the season:


Green - Milic - Garnet
Pierce - Rondo

Regulars off the bench (in order of mpg high to low):


I doubt there will be regular minutes for J.D. Sallinger...Fab Melo will be
playing in Portland...


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