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Good stuff.  I'll give it a shot.

Terry:  no answer, but maybe he simply didn't fit into Dallas's plans and Danny swept him up real fast.  While the Cs may not be Miami or OkC, they're a team with a decent title shot.  "I got a year or so left and have a chance to take over for Ray Allen on a very good team; a chance to take passes from Rondo, a chance to play with Garnett, a chance to play for Doc Rivers.  Sounds reasonable to me.  Why do I care if Sacramento will offer me more?"

Milicic:  he fills a need for a backup center and came cheap.  Better than Collins, isn't he?  Now, we ain't talking Russell/Olajuwon here, but still, this is a reasonable signing in my mind.

Green:  OK, you got me.  This IS a crapload of money for no easily apparent reason.  Trade him back to OkC for Perk?  (<g>)

Dooling:  murky; I hadn't been aware of the waiver - I thought he just retired.  Who knows?  Maybe he is actually the person who just says "I've had enough.  Why hang out another year at league minimum?"**  I thought he had plenty to offer this coming year.  Maybe the team didn't think so, but I'm not sure who else they plan on at backup point.  Waive him to keep one of the young bodies as future trade bait?  You're talking about the far end of the bench here - Dooling was maybe the #8 guy in the rotation, or even #9.

Falk: why not?  Slippery, but that's life in the NBA.

**As one who may retire in the next year, I may want to spend more time with my family, but whether my family wants to spend more time with me is a very different question.




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WHY his own team (Dallas) and no other NBA team but the Celts ever even 
attempted to sign Jason Terry,
Just curious.

WHY no other NBA team aside from the Celtics bothered to even offer the 
available Milicic a vet minimum contract? 
Just curious.

How good are these players if not one other NBA team sought either of
their services?

WHY did we hand Jeff Green such a lucrative long-term contract (and then hold up
on it so long) when no other NBA team was willing to gamble even near that 
of $$$ based on his history, talent, health, and upside. Who were we competing 

Could it be we are in bed with his agent, David Falk (also Sully's agent and 
River's agent)? Has it been a case of one good turn deserves another? Was it 
Falk who 
warned the other 29 NBA teams about Sully’s bad back so that Sully would maybe 
fall to the Celts?  And really, how good is Sully?
Just curious.

WHY did Dooling suddenly decide to retire the same day the Celts just happened 
add Darko Milicic and at the same time waive Dooling?
Just curious.

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