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There was a ref right behind him, and I swear you could see the ref look down at his feet.?? TV replays inconclusive.? Close, so I defer to the ref.

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Goordon should never been at the line, the ref blew the call, his foot was  
on the out of bounds line.
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After  listening to a looonnnggg session on ESPN radio about the Rondo 
foul, I  confirmed my feeling that a last second shot should be a clear jumper 
rather  than a drive to the basket.  Unless you have a one-on-one situation 
and  an angle that will bring an un-blocked shot and you only need one point 
(so  that a foul gives you an advantage), go for the uncontested jumper.   
Fouls are not always called and heroic blocks are rewarded.  So,  Miller 
would have been better served to take a short jumper--the Pierce  way.

I thought Rondo's foul was harsh, but only in slow  motion.  The refs were 
right as the league was right in sitting Howard  for game six in Philly.  
It's tough, but the elbow shot to the head is  harder to excuse than the 
judgment call on a hard foul.  So, Philly might  take it to seven.  Amazing.

I haven't seen the whole game,  yet, so I'll reserve comment on Tony's 
play--his last foul was too much, but  he had earlier kept Gordon from a 
game-winner in regulation.  I wish we  would go small when Gordon, or later 
or Kobe, starts to heat up:   put Tony on the scorer and play Rondo, Tony, 
Ray, Pierce and either big.   It has its holes but I think the intensity 
level works our way.   Enough.  Cheers, Gene

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