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Yeah, Artest would be a great signing.  I think it remains to be seen whether Ron would come off the bench or be willing to accept just the MLE.  But it wouldn't hurt trying.  

Rasheed, I think, is the most realistic target with our MLE money.

That said, I'd offer Trevor Ariza the entire MLE over 5 years.  He's playing fantastic, has discovered his shot, can drive and pass pretty well, and plays great defense.  Now, I don't think he has any chance of coming to Boston...in fact, I read somewhere that he hates the Celtics.  But I'd still offer him as much as we can, if only to make the Lakers pay more...


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> I like Chris Wilcox but am not sure I'd rather have him
> on the Celtics than Glen Davis. For one thing, I think
> I've read he's shorter than his listed 6'10
> (just like Davis is shorter than 6'9). For another, for
> a guy blessed with such athleticism, doesn't it seem
> like he's never really found a niche? His numbers are
> sure down this year.
> As for Artest, put me down now as saying he'd be worth
> the risk this summer. It would be like the Jordan/Pippen
> Bulls bringing in Rodman. Artest would more than make up for
> the loss of Posey and would be well worth offering the full
> MLE, though I definitely wouldn't give him more than
> three years (when KG's deal will be up), and ideally
> less. 
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