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Well said, Gene.  Putting TA on Rose sounds like a good idea for Game 2, if he gets it going like he had it going on Saturday.  

And while the guys didn't come to play with the right amount of intensity, nor showed much interest in getting back in transition (how  many times did Rondo penetrate, score, and fall down only to look up and see Rose streaking down the court for fast break buckets?), nor moved the ball well on offense, I felt that Doc was just as caught-with-his-pants-down.  He made tactical errors down the stretch (subbing Ray Allen for Perk, instead of Big Baby with 31 seconds left--D. Rose proceeded to drive right to the rim.  Baby made an attempt at the block, but Rose scored anyway), especially failing to adjust to Rose's career game.  But it was a team-wide effort at sucking, so it's not all Doc's fault.

Actually, to take a psychological angle, I thought the team was reeling from the loss of KG.  I know, he's been out 2 months, but I think today was the first day the team actually realized what that meant.  All along, it was assumed he'd be back for the playoffs.   Playoffs come and KG's still out and I think it finally hit them collectively...we have to defend this title without KG.  And everybody was a mentally crushed by it at the same time.  Hell, KG looked like somebody gave him tranquilizers...he was looking like a zombie on the bench.  He was definitely looking sorry for himself and it was a smart move to stay in the locker room at half time.  His energy was NOT helping things out there.  And that's why we looked so distracted and disinterested in the game....the team was hurting spiritually.

But, going forward, I still see us prevailing, probably in six as Egg predicted.  Rose will not have a better game all series, nor will Ray have another game as bad.  But, with news today that KG is considering surgery 'sooner than later,' I think Celtic-nation can repeat after me: fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!  That pretty much says it all.  I'll keep cheering, of course, and yelling at the TV, because that's what I do, but we're going to need the miracle of miracles to successfully defend our title, as it's looking more and more like it's the Cavs/Lakers year...and as much as I hate those teams, I don't even know who I'd rather see win...seeing either of them win would piss me off.  Injuries!!!!

Looking forward to next season, I think 2010 sets up as the ultimate rubber match.  KG will be healthy (he's facing arthoscopic surgery to remove bone spurs and probably to clean up whatever's causing the swelling in his knee, loose cartilige or some other debris probably--the recovery time's probably 2 months...which is more than enough to be ready for 09/10), Rondo will be All-Star ready, and I expect Danny to make a huge free agent splash (how about Rasheed Wallace?).  Most importantly, we'll have renewed focus to topple who ever wins it this year, and hopefully won't be taking off games like we did this year.  


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> I saw Rondo have a career game.  I saw Davis play very
> well.  I saw Perk have his moments and Pierce play a great
> third quarter.  House made some shots and Powe got his
> rebounds.  That's about it.  With all that, we could
> have prevailed if we kept our eye on the ball defensively. 
> We're not a great individual defensive squad--certainly
> without KG on the floor.  So, our only recourse is
> leadership on defense and substitutions to force defensive
> intensity.  Rondo singlehandedly made the offense go.  So,
> Doc should substitute quickly when Perk or Ray aren't
> performing defensively.  I would put Tony on their point as
> soon as he drives successfully.  Forget offense.  Forget
> Ray's feelings.  Put Tony on the point and Rondo on
> Gordon and smother them.  Push Noah out of the lane.  Put
> Baby on him if necessary to let him feel the full force of
> the law.  Get tough on defense and the Bulls will come to
> heel.
> Or, you could let the players sink or swim on their own
> motivation.  That should work, but we have real trouble
> with athletic teams.  It's because we're slow
> and/or old.  Only Davis and Rondo can keep up without great
> team defense.  The Bulls are successful because of youthful
> energy--like the Hawks last year--and we have to match that
> with Tony or with team defense.  I would try both.
> In some ways, the Bulls present a greater challenge than
> anyone in the East for us--save maybe the Hawks.  We can
> adjust to the slower, more methodical teams.  If we can
> muster the defense to win this one, our older/slower squad
> should have a more manageable task.  Cheers, Gene (still,
> no seventh games)
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