Celts in 6

eggcentric eggcentric at aol.com
Sat Apr 18 15:04:52 UTC 2009

The Celts will be absent their best two-way player (Garnett) 
while the Bulls will be absent their best two-way player 
(Deng).  But that?s where the similarities end.

For while we still have veteran leaders Pierce and Allen, 
Chicago has none, nada, zilch.  Unless you consider 
Rookie-of-the-Year Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon as the 
ChiBulls veteran leaders.

The only ChiBull who scares me a bit is center Brad Miller, 
who due to his outside shot and savvy, can take Perk out 
of his robotic defensive role.  If I was Del Negro I?d start 
Miller over premier NBA jerkola, Noah.  Also, the 
up-and-coming Tyrus Thomas should/could rule over 
Davis and Powe.  And Salmons might shoot lights out 
if he?s healthy. But he isn?t.  

Still overall, piece of cake for the good guys.  I envision 
the Celts winning this series 4-2.  

Oh no - please, God, tell me that the initial/final stages 
of Alzheimer's haven?t set in and that I?m not becoming 
an overly optimistic Homer. 

So on to KG.  

As Bob Ryan wrote when the trade was first made, 
it wasn?t KG?s age, it was his minutes played and the 
pounding his body had taken. 

A strain to the popliteus tendon? Does anyone here 
feel that the Celts have all along been lighting candles in 
the sun while fearing KG?s injury was much worse (i.e.
a meniscus tear) in concert with the $56.4 mill KG is 
owed for the next three seasons?  

Does anyone here really feel there is no correlation 
between KG?s ultimate prognosis and hard-working 
Danny?s stress-induced minor heart attack? 

Remember when basketball and the USA used to be 
fun before they turned to bottom-line businesses who
screwed up everything?

As our simplistic Doc suggested, Danny will be fine 
switching from creamed spinach to steamed spinach. 
Also, taking a breather and worrying a bit less about 
the Celts.  As for KG, who among us is convinced he?ll 
ever be the same?  

Cold comfort to fill our hungry bellies.  See, I?m not 
a Homer, not a Homer, not a Homer. 


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