Dear Naysayers: You Are WRONG!

Snoopy the Celtics Beagle snoopy at
Thu Apr 16 23:33:29 UTC 2009

I can understand why Danny Ainge had a heart attack (from which it 
appears he is expected to fully recover). After reading the media 
experts once AGAIN predicting doom and gloom for the Celtics just 
because we might not have Kevin Garnett, MY chest hurt.

Didn't those unutterable morons learn ANYTHING from LAST year's playoffs?

This is NOT the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It sure as hell isn't the $%&#$%&#$#&* Lakers.

The Cavs are just another team without LeBron James.  Without Garnett 
the Celtics aren't as good, but they're still the Boston Celtics.

The *%%^*#@*^$ Lakers?  HA!  Those wimps folded when things got too 
tough.  The majority of their so-called "fans" last year were easily 
outnumbered by Celtics fans in their own building!

This is the Boston Celtics.  Some of us are old enough to remember 1969.

That year, the Celts weren't going to win, they said.  Bullshit, Bill 
Russell said.

Bill Russell, in his final year as player for and head Coach of the 
Boston Celtics, would not allow it to happen.

We owe those Celtics of yesteryear the same refusal to yield this year.

This year, the Celtics aren't going to win, they say.  Bullshit, I say.

I refuse to allow that idea to be valid.  I refuse to quit before a 
single game is played.  And I refuse to let ANYTHING convince me 
otherwise.  Unless it is no longer physically possible by dint of 
lost games, I say again, the Celtics WILL win and get Banner 18 this June.

It won't be easy.  It will be a trench war from start to finish.  But 
this is MY TEAM, and I KNOW they'll fight just as they have all 
year.  Sometimes, I can tell you from personal experience, you just 
have to be more stubborn than the people telling you that you won't make it.

And the Naysayers, professional and otherwise, are WRONG.  Me, and my 
TEAM, will start proving it on Saturday.

You wanna take on me AND my team?  Go for it.  I got their backs.

Are you with me, Celtics fans???


Snoopy the Celtics Beagle
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