KG could miss entire postseason

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KG could miss entire postseason
WALTHAM, Mass. -- _Kevin Garnett_ 
(  isn't ready to start the playoffs, and _Boston Celtics_ 
(  coach _Doc Rivers_ 
(  said Thursday 
that there's a strong  possibility that he will miss the entire postseason.

With Or Without You
The Boston Celtics are still a winning team without Kevin Garnett in the  
lineup. But they're not as good a defensive team without KG, allowing more  
points per game and a higher shooting percentage.      With KG Without KG   
W-L 44-13 18-7  Win Pct. .772 .720  Opp. PPG 90.7 98.2  Opp. FG Pct. 42.2 44.2

"He's not going to be ready. After watching him practice, there's no way,"  
Rivers said on WEEI-AM. "The way I saw him move today, I don't know if 
he'll be  ready." 
When asked to clarify, Rivers said there was a chance Garnett could be out  
for the rest of the season. Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss said he could not  
elaborate on Rivers' comments. 
The Celtics begin the best-of-seven first round series against the _Chicago 
Bulls_ (  on Saturday. 
"We're going to move on without him," Rivers said. 
Garnett has been the Celtics' inspirational leader since joining them in a  
2007 trade that completed the new Big Three and propelled the franchise to 
its  record 17th NBA title. He averaged 15.8 and 8.5 rebounds per game for 
the  defending champions this season. 
He injured his right knee Feb. 19 and missed the next 13 games before  
returning for four, but never playing as many as 18 minutes. With the Celtics  
assured of a high playoff berth, Rivers then held Garnett out with an eye 
toward  bringing him back for the last three games of the regular season; that 
became  the last two, then the last one, but he never made it back. 
Rivers said Thursday he watched Garnett run at the team's practice facility 
 and said he had to shut him down after 20 minutes. 
"If he can't get through biking and working out without swelling and his 
leg  locking, I don't know how you can play in the playoffs," Rivers said. 
"This was  an honest run today, you couldn't make your way through it. The 
guy's a warrior,  you see him try to mask his way through it. But after 20 
minutes of running, I  don't see it. After today, there's no way he can play." 
Garnett's reaction? 
"He was frustrated. He was mad at me, mad at everybody. Then he 
understood,"  Rivers said. "He put up a fight. He's really frustrated, but that's 
Kevin.  That's why we got him, because he cares so much." 
Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck said he's confident Garnett is going to be  
"absolutely fine, 100 percent, over the long term. The short term is much less  
clear at this point." 
Boston was 18-7 without Garnett this year and finished the season 62-20 --  
not good enough to secure the home-court advantage that proved crucial in 
last  year's title run. Should the Celtics meet the Cavaliers in the Eastern  
Conference finals, they would open the series in Cleveland; the _Los  
Angeles Lakers_ (  would also 
have home-court in a potential NBA finals  matchup. 
But, without Garnett, what had seemed like an easy road through the early  
rounds has gotten more difficult.
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