Clutch performers

Phil Maymin pmaymin at
Wed Apr 8 01:57:09 UTC 2009 has an article on clutch performers over the past few years:

LeBron is #1, Ray is #3, and Paul is #10 when ranked by total field goals
made when tied or trailing by at most two points with 24 seconds left and

But one thing they don't point out is that if you factor in the at least two
points that result from Paul's amazing clutch assists (9, highest among all,
including point guards), he is second overall, behind only LeBron, and even
that just barely.

By the metric of assists, Kobe absolutely stinks -- only one assist,
compared to 56 field goal attempts.

Just thought it was an interesting metric. Seems like every day new metrics
come out showing Pierce is awesome!


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