Jaw dropping Celtics

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The more I watch, I realize that what is jaw-dropping about Ray Allen 
is that he doesn't make my jaw drop.  He just performs every night.  
Other than game-winning shots, he doesn't do highlight reel stuff.  
Just another day at the office.

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You're right about having a fun team to watch. There's winning and then 
winning while having fun- it's great that we're doing both.

It's the dunks that get me, this one from Powe in particular (with the 
from Rondo):


So that pretty much rules out House on my list, but I do appreciate a 
3-pointer and I reckon the improbable ones are the best (from Ray in

As for Rondo, who definitely makes my jaw drop very often, my favourite 
play of
his was last year when he ran almost the length of the court and then 
dunked on
Jason Maxiell of Detroit:



--- Phil Maymin wrote:

Thanks Adam. You're not so
 much on House, huh? His threes are just so deadly
and so on-time, like Posey's were last year. I can imagine the icy 
through the heart that it must feel like for the other team.

But bottom line what 
a fun team we have to watch, huh? We are very 

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 12:55 PM, Adam Patterson <patterson.adam at 
> wrote:

> Great list, Phil.
> Here is mine:
> 1. Powe (Bill Walker will be #1 one day, hopefully, but Leon's NBA 
> dunks get him here)
> 2. Walker
 (an absolute joy to watch his highlights)
> 3. KG (when he's 100%, he would be
 number 1 on a lot of lists)
> 4. Rondo (similar to KG and Walker, such a joy to watch)
> 5. Pierce (Game 7 of the Cleveland series is an all-time classic)
> 6. Ray (someone mentioned on CelticsBlog that Ray should be a "pay per
> view")
> 7. Tony (similar to Walker and Powe)
> --- Phil Maymin wrote:
> Who makes plays that make your jaw drop in amazement most often? 
Here's my
> list, in descending order:
> 1. Rondo (if TiVo released stats on rewinds, he might just lead the 
> -- passes, layups, everything)
> 2. House (impossibly fast release)
> 3. Ray (like House, but especially at end of games -- these jaw drops
> fewer but even lower to the floor)
> 4. KG (that turnaround, and some of his
> 4. Baby (especially his two amazing blocks against Atlanta)
> 5. Walker (he gets sooo high)
> 6. Perk (blocks) and Powe (dunks and and-1's)
> 7. Marbury (he gets *horizontal* when he is dribbling!)
> That's not to say Pierce isn't awesome,20it's just that his 
superiority is
> kind of... expected. And he makes everything look so easy and smooth. 
> Allen will get his way up this list too -- his reverse layup the other
> night
> was quite nice!
> Phil
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