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i haven't seen anything from walker that would lead me to believe he's going to fill pp's shoes, though he does appear to have an nba career in front of him. i've seen a lively body/banger who can play some d, but no offensive game to speak of. 

but yes, it is nice to know that we have some pieces going forward. rondo and perk will be top-tier at their positions for years to come, and baby and powe are very solid contributors. i've been particularly impressed with baby, who's got to be one of the best 2nd rounders in the game today. i still like tony, who looked decent once he got his legs in the second half--had a couple nice defensive plays and a sweet drop-off assist to perk, i think. hope he gets some time in the next few weeks. i think doc knows tony is a rhythm player. out of rhythm, he's a turnover prone, low-confidence player. in rhythm, he's a confident slasher and defender. 

i am worried about being short up front if leon and garnett aren't at least serviceable for the playoffs. good thing we got mm. 

looking forward to the next few games to see if mm, tony and marbury can hit a groove going into the playoffs. marbury is looking better the last few games. 

key to the playoffs: rondo staying aggressive and getting good production from the bench. and of course a healthy kg.


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We now have three starters for the post-Big Three Era:? Rondo, a perennial all-star, Perk, a bubble all-star, and Baby, an undersized PF who compensates well for his physical limitations.? That leaves Bill Walker, who has the stuff talentwise and attitudewise, to become the Pierce replacement--albeit no one will replace the Truth.? That will make four.? All that remains is a two guard who can give us about 20 a game; we would be a very good, say 50 plus win, team with that.? There's Tony, Powe, House and several players to be named later to make up the squad.? I will enjoy that transition.? OK, maybe 50.

We will be happy to have Tony in the playoffs.? He and Marbury should work well together, and when House is added, it's not a bad passing, slashing, shooting crew.

The Cavs threw the game to Orlando last night.? It's in their interest to give the home court to the Magic.

LeBron is MVP in a walk.? He took a 50 win team, with barely another starting NBA talent, and did all that.? Enough, enjoying this challenger/champion position, Gene


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