'Nique on Baby?

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Here it is:


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From: http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/basketball/celtics/view/2009_03_27_Glen_Davis_has_19_points_as_Celtics_beat_Hawks_99-93/

In the end, Baby was still the big deal. His monster block of Joe
Johnson in the second quarter - a power move that saw him stuff it at
the point of release and hold on - was enough to impress Hawk legend
Dominique Wilkins.

“That’s the best block I’ve seen in the last year,” Wilkins said. “A
block like that, now that gets my respect. That kid is good.”

The video of Baby's block hasn't been uplaoded to YouTube yet, but this next one from Oklahoma was awesome:


--- Phil Maymin wrote:

Was that Dominique Wilkins's voice saying Baby's block of Joe Johnson was
one of the best blocks he'd seen in a long time? That was pretty sweet.

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