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I love Perk's personality and I don't think he's become full of himself or, ahem, the other things you called him that don't seem appropriate to write here in the 21st century.  That's how he is...that's how he plays...that's how he mentally prepares himself to get the most out of what he has.  He plays mean...and while it's not getting him any extra favors from the officials will eventually once he's older.  He has a couple All-Star berths in him, if he's relatively healthy the rest of his career.  

As for Rondo, what more could you want?  The guy is going to be a top-3 point guard before it's all said and done, a multiple All-Star and one of the most unique players in the league.  How much leadership can he show right now anyway?  He's 23, on a team with 3 future Hall-of-Famers, and he's still getting better.  I'm sure when he's 27, a 3 time All-Star, and speaking to some of the younger players on the team, they'll listen.  Hell, I've seen him giving Walker a talking to before...he knows what's up, he's just lower on the totem pole right now.  Nothing to worry about with him...he is the future of this team.


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> Perk was once considered by this poster as a "good
> kid," the future center for the Celts.
> Although lacking a high IQ/ bball IQ along with his
> stone-face personality, he at least 
> demonstrated a certain amount of potential as a young
> non-entity who at least followed
> instructions and never made a wave.
> Then when the Big Three arrived on the scene and Perk and
> Rondo became our other two
> starters, things changed.  Mr. long face Perk  became
> full of himself, uppity, and hostile.  
> If he continues to be our main center, will his ego/IQ
> problem only get worse and willhe become even
> more despised by the league and the refs?
> Add to that Rondo's sparkling charm, and you have to
> wonder who will be our future 
> leaders in the post Big Three era. 
> Have you or their teammates - even their mothers - ever
> seen either of them smile?  
> Egg
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