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Wed Apr 1 17:55:57 UTC 2009

People didn't really like Dale Davis either. It didn't stop him from
having a long and productive career. I'm not too worried about Perk,
unless you have some inside information that I don't.

As for Rondo, with his production he can afford to be taciturn. Jokers
and "nice guys" are easier to come by than all-star calibar PG's.

That said you do have a point, with Leon and Baby being career backups
who is our talent base? Are we going to be able to bring in quality
FA's after our big three retire?


On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 2:34 AM, eggcentric <eggcentric at> wrote:
> Perk was once considered by this poster as a "good kid," the future center for the Celts.
> Although lacking a high IQ/ bball IQ along with his stone-face personality, he at least
> demonstrated a certain amount of potential as a young non-entity who at least followed
> instructions and never made a wave.
> Then when the Big Three arrived on the scene and Perk and Rondo became our other two
> starters, things changed.  Mr. long face Perk  became full of himself, uppity, and hostile.
> If he continues to be our main center, will his ego/IQ problem only get worse and willhe become even more despised by the league and the refs?
> Add to that Rondo's sparkling charm, and you have to wonder who will be our future
> leaders in the post Big Three era.
> Have you or their teammates - even their mothers - ever seen either of them smile?
> Egg
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