D. West may be on outs in Seattle

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I'm 99% sure that the NBA changed the rule --- exactly b/c of Payton's
short stint in Atlanta --- so that a player waived cannot sign with the
same team he was waived from until the offseason.

That said, i'd be real interested in making a Scalabrine-like offer to
Delonte West this offseason if he's not resigned by Seattle.

(the other) mark


If Seattle waive Delonte (not likely) then we can sign him after he clears
waivers (48 hours later) a la Gary Payton's short stint in Atlanta then
back to Boston (in 2005).

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I don't think you can reacquire a player you traded away until a full year
elapses.  So Delonte would be out of the question until July.

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Add me to the group who's glad we didn't get Damon S.
It reminds me of Bill Simmons "Chemacterility" column
(great read if you haven't seen it. Really captures
what's going right with the Celtics this year. Link:

Anyway. I hope prying Sam Cassell is priority No. 1
with Danny right now (though not at the expense of
Tony Allen, as some have suggested.
If Sam-I-Am isn't possible, how about old freine
Delonte West? He may be available, and cheap. He seems
to fit into that "Chemacterility" category.
This is from today's Seattle Times:

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