Would You believe??

Ryan W ubiquitous_am_i at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 16:15:39 CST 2008

I think the reason is obvious, Gene.  With KG and Ray
out, Rondo knew he had to be aggressive.  And when he
does that, he's unstoppable.  It's when he's thinking
too much that he gets in trouble, and having KG, Ray,
and Paul out there at the same time often gets him
thinking.  The man who really should be thinking at
this point is Doc.  Rondo is the key to our offense,
and it's time to let him run the show.  Doc even
noticed it last night, mentioning how he hardly had to
call any plays because our early offense was so good. 
That was all Rondo for the most part. 

BTW, the Baby pass was fantastic.  He's such a good
passer, and he makes the hard ones look so easy.  It's
almost Larry-esque at times.

The Rondo to Powe pass was also pretty crazy.  It was
pretty much unnoticed by Mike and Cousy, but even
after looking at it a couple times I still don't know
how that ball got there.

But let's not forget Tony Allen, who didn't force
anything last night, and continually kept the ball
moving.  He also penetrated several times to suck in
the defense, and then passed it out to Eddie House or
dropped it down to Powe.  Last night was the closest
he's been to his pre-injury form this year.

--- gene kirkpatrick <gk_tyler at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I would like to know why Rondo is stepping up his
> penetration so much.  He can do that against most
> pgs of the league.  Perhaps he defers to the big 3
> too much.
>   The pass I reran was Davis' slick, look away pass
> to Powe.  Davis had hustled over to get an offensive
> board, then looked out to draw the defensive man's
> attention from Powe and slipped the ball--about two
> feet away--right to Powe for the bucket.  Really a
> slick pass.
> douglas342 at aol.com wrote:
>   Rondo made one pass last night (I think to Powe)
> that had me reaching 
> for the Tivo so I could watch it 2-3 times. He was
> near the top of the 
> key and aimed a bullet that looked like it was never
> more than 2' off 
> the floor, and it looked like he threw it sidearm.
> It bounced once, 
> right into the hands of Powe, cutting into the
> basket from the left 
> corner. Leon laid it up and in. I couldn't believe
> that they didn't 
> replay it.
> I get more and more enthusiastic about Rondo. He's
> in his SECOND YEAR. 
> Can you imagine him in his 5th and 6th years? Think
> of the career arc 
> of Al Jefferson, who did little his first year, not
> much more his 
> second, a bit more his third, and now he's a solid
> pro or better, and 
> certainly a star on a weak team. If Rondo can follow
> that path, we 
> could have an all-star in a few years.
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> This game proved everything I've been ranting about
> since the beginning of January: (1) the need to give
> Rondo the ball and let him go, running the offense
> through him, letting him break down the defense and
> either score or dish. Nobody can stop him and he's
> an
> absolute terror for the opposing point guard. Our
> best
> offensive team is with Rajon Rondo breaking down the
> defense from the top of the key.
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