Would You believe??

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I don't think cash factors into matching salaries, Kim.


The limit is $3 million, which would be like paying forward a year of Scalabrine's contract.  $3m +Tony Allen + Brian Scalabrine for Sam Cassell would work for me.  

Cassell and House are fine alternating at the back-up 2.  Tony Allen is not the defensive be all and end all for this team, as some have stated.  You may give up some defense if Tony goes but you gain a savvy veteran in Cassell who is a good "fit" guy that can backup Rondo.  You lose nothing if Scalabrine disappears to LA.

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If it works before the cash then it wouldn't work after since that 
factors in to matching the money. And there are limits to how much 
cash you can include as part of a trade.

At 07:38 AM 1/30/2008, asterix ninetynine wrote:
>Better yet, maybe an upcoming trade will be Tony Allen and Brian 
>Scalabrine for Sam Cassell.  That trade works under the cap rules, 
>although the Clippers would probably demand that a boatload of cash 
>come to them too.
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>So, we're playing a 9-33 team. Even so it looks good. Doc forced to play
>Powe. And maybe T. Allen likes starting.
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> > No Ray, No Kevin, No points from Paul.
> >
> > Celtics 31 - 14 after frist quarter!

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