First to Fall from the Predictions List.

Snoopy the Celtics Beagle snoopy at
Sun Jan 27 15:00:19 CST 2008

With the Celtics suffering loss number eight today against the Magic, 
the first person loses the Predictions List for this year:  Way of 
the Ray, who predicted a list high 75-7 for the Good Guys.

Given the Celtics fast start, it was a tribute to his belief in the 
team that his prediction has held up so long into the season.

The next nearest to being off the list is none other than Mrs. 
Celtics Beagle, the Keeper of the Cookies, whose prediction of 73-9 
is now at risk.  Trust me, Celtics, go undefeated the rest of the way.

You don't want to make her angry.  Lots of yelling and stomping and 
rearrangement of internal organs comes with that.

Snoopy the Celtics Beagle
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