WTF!!!!!!!! Scal Starts!

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> Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! There is no excuse for sticking that fat, red 
> headed, sorry excuse for pro athlete in the starting line up. On a 
> nationally televised game no less. I swear to Christ Doc is going to find 
> a way to get that useless pr!ck into the all star game. I am sorry, nice 
> guy or not, there is simply no excuse for this none!!! Yes I know Garnett 
> is injured sh!t happens. My God at least try to play the game 5 on 5. I 
> really, really hate that Doc has never been fired. This is ridiculous, if 
> for no other reason, even though the Minny game sucked, I at least knew 
> that I wouldn't be forced to see that useless slug on the court because he 
> even gonna watch the game, too frustrating will check the news after...... 
> Thx for listening!
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