Spam: Powe moving in front of Big Baby?

Jaims jaims at
Mon Jan 21 15:00:01 CST 2008

Powe was given another opportunity and responded well (again).


He went ahead of big baby in the depth chart it seems.  Must be playing well
in practice too, I suppose.  


Never backed down against the 2 mammoths (Randolph and Curry) of the knicks
and held his own.  


Game was never in doubt but some brain fart by Pierce (ejection for
continued trash talking with a nonfactor opponent) caused some momentum
shift that could've turned the game around, but as usual, when Garnett got
re-inserted back into the game, the defense re-stabilized and the Knicks
never got close to 7 or 8 points.


33 wins!


Go Celts!


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