The Voice Of The Killjoy: Starting Point Guard Needed, Rondo Not Championship Quality

Alex Goldblatt alex.goldblatt at
Thu Jan 17 11:39:10 CST 2008

I liked Pruitt, he might be a keeper. He's probably not the real answer
backing up Rondo, but the fact that he played well and had 12mins off the
bench just shows that Doc finally soured on TA at the 1 (what a relieve!!!)
and that Gabe looked solid enough to play his minutes against one of the
hottest teams.

Scal is the obvious target, but who will take on his almost 10MM/2.5yrs
left?... I think there is no any chance to make it happen. Another potential
trade is TA, but he'll be unrestricted FA anyway, so it drops his trade
value to nothing. IMO, current situation leaves no choice but only looking
at players like Payton that will agree to play for the vet minimum just to
get a shot at the championship.

Hard to see any realistic moves improving the team without overpaying... I
believe Doc will keep playing Pruitt for now, before making any decision. If
he'll be able to consistently deliver 7-12mpg, current roster will stay.


On Jan 17, 2008 11:33 AM, Green 00 <green00333444 at> wrote:

> >I said - keep it real.
> The most obvious solution is a trade for a backup PG.  Unfortunately,
> Danny didn't sign Beno Udrih when he was available...(and what about Marc
> Jackson?  those two guys would have really added depth to the bench...)
> Working the ESPN trade machine, and considering the personalities
> involved, a trade with Memphis seems the most likely.  Scalabrine for
> Stoudamire works salary-wise and probably makes sense for both
> teams...although there is the chemistry issue...
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