The Voice Of The Killjoy: Starting Point Guard Needed, Rondo Not Championship Quality

Alex Goldblatt alex.goldblatt at
Wed Jan 16 10:56:27 CST 2008

Do we really have to munch on this over again?

Interesting enough is the fact that out of the entire suggest line of
Cassell, Marbury, Juan
Calderon, Beno Udrih, Damon Stoudamire, Rafer Alston, Delonte West, or
Carlos Arroyo - there is no
single player that can actually improve this team by starting any one of
them over Rondo.

Any realistic ideas rather than bringing fatoine or fatcurry for 10MM/year,
or stabury for 21MM to this team are welcome..

And just for the sanity check: the C's are over the cap, there is a very
slim chance to get anyone else on the roster, except of the vet minimum
player. Pyton is looking for an opportunity - but it's a risky proposition
and I would be very surprised if he'll end up here.

Rondo will keep his starting job, and we still have 50 games to go to work
it out. It's impossible to expect the team that just started to jell to
consistently deliver over the 82 games span. They are good enough to have
the best record so far, I do not believe anyone was expecting that. And -
with Rondo playing the starting point while beating the crap out of the
major clubs, btw. So, after a couple of sub-par games because he was injured
- we need to replace him ASAP.. interesting approach..

One thing I do agree is the situation with the backup point: TA is a proven
failure at the point, no doubt. I'd rather see Pruitt having his feet wet
right now instead of him.


On Jan 16, 2008 9:30 AM, Way Of The Ray <wayoftheray at> wrote:

> Right.
> Let's be honest here, Rajon Rondo is playing next to
> three former/present All Stars and he has been sub
> par.
> Perhaps in  two years, Rajon Rondo can be a middle
> class Jason Kidd and lead the Celtics to a Top 5 pick
> in the draft, but at the present time, he's been
> constantly outplayed by opposing point guards like
> Kidd, West, Billups, Felton, Alston, Miller, Ford...
> and so on and so on.
> Not only is Rondo not a starting point guard on a
> Championship Team, but the Celtics also lack a quality
> backup as well.
> The best solution seems to be someone like a Cassell,
> Marbury (whoops ankle problems KO that idea), Juan
> Calderon, Beno Udrih, Damon Stoudamire, Rafer Alston,
> Delonte West, or Carlos Arroyo perhaps and then bring
> Rondo off the bench. House and Allen, if they're still
> around, move back to their more natural SG positions.
> At the present time, it's hard to envision the Celtics
> winning a championship with their point guard
> situation so muddled.
> Ray
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