The Voice Of The Killjoy: Perkins For Curry

Alex Goldblatt alex.goldblatt at
Tue Jan 15 10:48:48 CST 2008

Nice joke.. I'd also add Murb at the point to complete the picture, along
with Isiah in the office.. LMAO..

The team struggles not because of not having an overweight 7-footer that
cannot play any D and rebound, but because without Rondo this team cannot
break the full court press. Amount of basic mistakes by Paul being trapped
is beyond belief - he still tries to break it instead of passing the ball. 2
games - 2 identical results. We should expect much more of the small lineups
trapping the C's down the road, and the Blazers will play exactly the same.

The C's stopped moving the ball - they play ISO at the top over and over,
and Paul got back to his worst habits like playing with 'fatoine. That's why
the struggle. They just have to put their act together and to start playing
as a team. Right now it looks plain out ugly.


On Jan 15, 2008 8:18 AM, Way Of The Ray <wayoftheray at> wrote:

> Perkins, T. Allen, and Scalabrine for Eddy Curry
> works.
> Would the Knicks have any interest, since they
> desperately need to revamp their roster,
> as well as their coaching, management, and ownership?
> Curry would give the Celtics the legitimate low post
> scorer they need, making a KG-Curry tandem nigh
> unstoppable.
> Who amongst other NBA teams could guard both of them?
> Defensively, as long as KG is around, Curry's
> defensive lapses are adequately negated.
> For the Knicks, the Randolph - Curry duo is a bad
> pairing. The two players mirror each other's strengths
> and liabilities. One of them needs to be moved. Why
> not to the Celtics?
> Ray
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