We are dumb

gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 21:50:10 CST 2008

I haven't seen the offending games and might not want to.  Your reaction seems right on target; the box score says the same to me--that and the poor free throw percentage and R. Allen's weak %.  While Posey can contribute with defense, House helps little if he's not shooting well.  Time for Doc to earn his money.  Gene

hartleyo at bellsouth.net wrote: This is sickening, the Celtics have digressed into maybe the dumbest team. Everyone knows Basketball law, when you have a good lead in the 4th Qtr, you drive to the basket, even if you get called for a charge. More times then naught you get the benefit and end up at the line. Oh no they want to shoot 20 footers and those ##**3's. This is the 4th game in a row they have done this and they lost 3 of them. My concern is they maybe are too dumb to figure that out. All of a sudden they think they are all Larry Bird's and want to hit the dagger 3. Portland is coming to town and they will most likely make the C's an easy target with the way they play. 

I am usually pro Doc, but he has too tell these guys that  Garnet must be the focal  point in the 4th and the ball has to go thru him on every possession  and the next guy that shoots a 3 with more than 5 seconds left on the shot clock sits his ass on the bench for the rest of the game

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