Most teams have settled in

dforant1 dforant1 at
Sat Jan 12 06:18:59 CST 2008

We were burying teams early on but now most teams have settled in for the long run if their healthy. It takes an effort every nite now for the Celts to get the wins. I see 5 Celtic players playing up to billing so far. Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Davis, Posey and House. The first three are starters and not getting much help from Rondo or Perk the other 2 starters. Davis has been a Godsend, blocking out fighting for position, rebounding, passing, defense and scoring. 

Good thing we have 3 excellent scorers because the initial half court game distribution isn't make life any easier for them. We are relying on perimeter stuff because the setups aren't happening fast enough. We definitely need another point guard. Allen and House don't qualify. 

Nice to hear the Nets announcers give the Celts their due about being the best team in basketball. More than once did they announce the offensive and defensive qualities.

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