No R.Allen, Davis=loss

Ryan W ubiquitous_am_i at
Fri Jan 11 16:50:27 CST 2008

Perk could stand to turn it up a little.  

And don't forget the officiating which occurred in
this one.  It was terribly inconsistent and it seemed
from the very first whistle that the refs had it in
for us.  Several obvious calls were ignored (such as
the grab on Garnett when he was under the basket--the
grab resulted in Garnett not getting to the pass which
was thrown to him) and several cheap calls were
whistled on the C's (like the very first one of the
game on Garnett less than a minute into the game). 
Kenny Maurer can !%*# my $@#! for all I care.  He's a
total ass.  If you don't remember, he was on the same
crew that non-called the blatant take down of Pierce
(against Phoenix) which broke his front row of teeth
right above where they connect to his jaw.  

--- dforant1 <dforant1 at> wrote:

> Without R.Allen to support Rondo's inadequacy's plus
> Pierce's bad nite no wonder we lost. Add in
> T.Allen's no show. Bobcat's were hot for sure but we
> sucked big time down low. Is Perkins regressing?
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